A journey by boat essay

We entered one of the huts. A few days ago I got an opportunity to make a journey by boat from Sadarghat, Dhaka to Fotulla, Narayangonj on a pleasure trip.

We admired its beauty and magnificent. We prayed for the fine morning. My uncle and aunt were anxious about our unusual delay, because we did not disclose to them about our plan of boating. The ladies were discussing their domestic problems. I saw them for the first time. It is equally impossible to remember it without sense of pleasure.

I looked at him. Our boat reached the Sadarghat. The river water was shining in the rays of the sun and was presenting a beautiful scene. Such a pleasure of a journey which we undertook will never efface from memory.

Passenger in the Bus: There we found a very big open cave. Then we rowed up to the ruins of Bhakkar. Here we found the sky covered with clouds.

The weather was quite clear when we started and we were very happy that our return journey was also safe. They proved great obstacles to our progress.

A journey by boat essay

When the night advanced, we entered into the cabin and lie down and fell asleep. The fare was settled. We enjoyed the beautiful scenes on both sides of the river.

It is still fresh in my mind. One day we decided to go to Sadhu Bella and to the ruins of Bhakkar. Journey By Boat A journey boat is always very pleasant. So I did not move out of my house. The memory still mesmerizes me. We had to move slowly.Essay on “Describe a Journey by Boat” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Describe a Journey by Boat We get a quite a large number of chances of travelling by railway train or motor bus and enjoy our journey.

A journey by boat essay

Similar to: A Pleasant Journey I Made. Introduction: Any kind of journey is pleasant to southshorechorale.com a journey by boat or launch is especially very pleasant and enjoyable to me. I like it most. During the last autumn vacation, one of my friends requested me to attend his sister’s marriage ceremony at Daudkandi.

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A JOURNEY BY BOAT Journey is always a pleasurable experience for all and I am also not an exception. I never miss the chance to go on a journey, especially if it means going on a boat ride.

A journey boat is always very pleasant.

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It has a charm of its own. Rowing a boat provides a lot of fun. Once this summer I had opportunity to go to Mauritius for about a week. easy grammars, essays, compositions, stories, paragraphs, formal, informal letters, dialogues, reports, applications, emails, vocabularies and other writings are easy.

A Journey is More than a Movement from One Place to Another - Journeys are a valuable thing.

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Without journeys every single person in this world would not know what they know today, they would not be here today and without .

A journey by boat essay
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