An analysis of the characters in main street by lewis sinclair

They divorced in He spent most of the 's and 's traveling between Europe and America. While Carol is romantic and interested in the fine arts, Kennicott is realistic and materialistic, interested only in making money and taking care of his family and patients.

Carol Kennicott would like to change everything, from the dull buildings that line Main Street to the people who inhabit the houses, people whose interests in life are very narrow indeed. Kennicott puts a stop to the romance and makes plain to his wife the kind of life she would lead if married to the son of a Swedish farmer.

Main Street

Sinclair, a New Lisbon, Wisconsin, dentist. Fern, who is physically active and intelligent, becomes Carol's friend.

Guy is an intelligent, middle-aged bachelor lawyer. Her crusade has failed; she can only hope that her children will accomplish what she has been unable to do.

Will Kennicott provides a foil to his wife, Carol. It is then that she realizes the shabbiness surrounding her. Bogart is very much a religious hypocrite, creating a scandal out of nothing when her boarder, Fern Mullins, innocently attends a barn dance with her son, Cy Bogart, the town's juvenile delinquent.

Percy Bresnahan, Gopher Prairie's multimillionaire native son, comes home for a visit and makes advances to Carol.

The Kennicott family home is outdated and stuffy. An indifferent, poorly adjusted, and awkward youngster, Harry Lewis was seventeenth in a class of eighteen in the eighth grade. In a thirty-two-minute walk, Carol Kennicott, the newly arrived bride of Dr.

Lewis named his son at birth in honor of a friend, Dr.

Main Street: Biography: Sinclair Lewis

She enjoys the cultural opportunities of the city but is willing after a time to return to her husband and Gopher Prairie. Carol is attracted to Guy Pollock, a lawyer who has ideas similar to hers, though he has waited so long to express them that he is now a victim of "Village Virus.

As a youth in that small, prairie town, Lewis discovered that hiking and reading were excellent means of escaping the ridicule caused by his awkwardness and gangly appearance. She is somewhat immature. It is the middle stone of three, for the famous son is buried between his father, Dr.

Will Kennicott seems sometimes to be a father figure to Carol. Paul Minnesota for three years before her marriage to Dr.

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Do the people in the novel exhibit more than a single side, or are they so inhumanly consistent that they become stereotypes? Carol realizes that she has raged at individuals when institutions are really to blame and that although she is beaten, she has kept the faith.

Much of the information used in this novel was acquired from Dorothy Thompson, who was an authority on European affairs. Intelligent and vivacious, Carol Milford attends college in Minneapolis and then works as a librarian in St. He dropped out of college before graduation.

Lewis declined in popularity, although the process was slow. In he married Grace Livingston Hegger and the couple moved to Long Island where Lewis worked for a publishing company and wrote two novels for young boys.

Main Street Characters

He relied heavily on careful research before writing each book, and his ability to re-create so exactly the places, speech, and manners he writes about has made a number of critics call him a consummate mimic. In adult life, Lewis was known to his friends as "Red.

Throughout the novel, her marriage to Kennicott endures its ups and downs, although she continues to love and admire him.

Main Street Analysis

Interested in sociology and civic improvement, she longs to transform the ugliness of midwestern America into something more beautiful. When Carol moves to Washington, Kennicott visits her and courts her a second time in order to persuade her to return to Gopher Prairie.Main Street Characters Sinclair Lewis This Study Guide consists of approximately 68 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Main Street.

"Sinclair Lewis, Author of Main Street" The above is the inscription on an unpretentious marker in the cemetery of Sauk Centre, Minnesota. It is the m. The characters of the story, even Carol, are not remembered as Gopher Prairie is. The most famous incident is Carol’s first walk along Main Street, with its detailed description of what she saw.

The book is a comic pageant, a panoramic caricature of a small provincial town. Almost every American town has a Main Street as a matter of course. Main Street by Harry Sinclair Lewis. Home / Literature / Main Street / Main Street Analysis Literary Devices in Main Street.

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory Narrator Point of View. 95% of this book, you could say that Main Street features a limited third-person perspective, given that it seems to follow only the thoughts and actions of one.

ANALYSIS. Main Street () Sinclair Lewis Letter to Lewis () “In Main Street he set out to tell a true story about the American village, whether anybody would read it The characters of the story, even Carol, are not remembered as. Like Carol, Sinclair Lewis was no stranger to disappointment: he had written five novels prior to Main Street and hadn't succeeded with any of them.

That would all change when Main Street hit shelves in and soldcopies in its first year—a crazy huge number for the s.

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An analysis of the characters in main street by lewis sinclair
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