Gelede mask

Next page Oyeladun - Life before capture After several hard years things were getting better Gelede mask my people, the Yoruba. Not a tourist item. Or are you an artist who would like to have their work considered for a show at the Appleton?

These well executed heads served as stylized funerary portraits and memorials for the Akan peoples of Ghana. Much of the wall area of the compound is decorated with bold and colourful designs traditionally painted by Igbo women for special Gelede mask.

These catalogs are in very good to excellent condition. He stands on large feet with hands held to the stomach. This is a magnificent, museum quality artifact. They are made of leather and are humanized by the addition of hair and a variety of adjuncts. No sooner than Efe and Gelede performed these rituals- dancing with wooden images on their heads and metal anklets on their feet- they started having children.

The disguise is assumed to create a momentary, amusing character, often resulting in humorous confusions, or to achieve anonymity for the prankster or reveler. To protect their faces in sports events and tournaments of arms, horsemen of the Roman army attached highly decorative and symbolic masks to their helmets.

The pieces are decorated in a wide range of styles with images of birds and animals, Arabic calligraphy and abstract designs that are surprisingly modern in sensibility. There are approximately Odu Ifa, each of which contains a number of poems called ese Ifa. A second attendant stands at the chief's feet, presenting a sword as an offering.

Mediating objects These masks in motion are mediating objects: The hilt is decorated with traditional geometric designs, typical of Baule metal art. I was very happy to be his wife. Generally, in fine condition with a few small areas of green oxidation. Since hair and nails grow throughout our lives, these personal offerings empower the deceased to continue to 'grow and live' in the afterlife.

An exceptional artifact from a little-understood people. In some cultures, the masked members of secret societies could drive disease demons from entire villages. These works are followed by strong examples of painting and sculpture in the best of the 19th century European academic tradition.

There is a belief that a witch can transform herself into a bird or animal. Behnkin estate of Atlanta, GA.Mask - Funerary and commemorative uses: In cultures in which burial customs are important, anthropomorphic masks have often been used in ceremonies associated with the dead and departing spirits.

Funerary masks were frequently used to cover the face of the deceased. Generally their purpose was to represent the features of the deceased, both to honour them and to establish a relationship.

The Gelede masks are in fact female masks worn by men, implying that the ceremony and its meaning involves both the women and the men of the community.

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The men who wear the masks are dressed in their traditional colourful clothes. Gelede Headdress, wood and pigment, 14 in. (Photo provided by The Gelede Spectacle) Gelede, wood, cm. Irwin and Cecilia Smiley (Photo provided by Facing the Mask) The Yoruba Gelede mask is very similar in make to that of their Egungun mask.[1] It is made with brightly color cloth, and a wooden mask.

African religions, religious beliefs and practices of the peoples of should be noted that any attempt to generalize about the nature of “African religions” risks wrongly implying that there is homogeneity among all African fact, Africa is a vast continent encompassing both geographic variation and tremendous cultural diversity.

African Welcome to the African Art Gallery. Offered here are antique Tribal artworks as well as ancient African terracotta items.

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Igbo family compound. Visitors enter the 'Life in West Africa' section of the museum through a decorative portal befitting a titled Igbo elder to face one of the highlights of this gallery - the recreation of part of an Igbo family compound.

Gelede mask
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