Ubc creative writing admission requirements

Students admitted to the Faculty of Arts directly from secondary school should attempt the Writing Component in their first 30 credits, registration permitting, and must ensure it is complete prior to reaching 54 credits.

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Graduate Application

This is almost entirely down to GDP growth, especially in developing countries. Applicants must also submit a portfolio of original screenwriting of at least 50 pages. A visiting writers series and Writer-in-Residence program provide additional opportunities to meet, and learn from, accomplished writers.

There seems to be a widespread assumption that modern technology equals more risk. Students who wish to double major should contact the other department for information on how to apply, degree requirements, and deadlines. For details on exceptions to this standard, please check Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website at www.

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Admission Requirements Applicants to the MFA in Film Production and Creative Writing require, as a prerequisite, an undergraduate degree in film or video production or the equivalent in experience. Applicants also require a portfolio of completed films as a primary creator (director, writer or producer).

ADMISSION TO UBC 7 APPLY FOR A MAJOR IN CREATIVE WRITING 7 APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS 8 Admission as a Creative Writing Major is determined solely by review of a manuscript of the student’s writing and cover letter.

The submission deadline is Friday March 30, General Admission Requirements (All Students) All students must meet UBC's English Language Admission Standard. If you have completed three years of full-time education in English in Canada, you will have met this standard. How to Apply to UBC Creative Writing.

All applicants to our on-campus and Optional-Residency MFA Programs, as well as the MFA in Creative Writing & Stage Playwriting, must apply to Creative Writing using the UBC Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies online application system.

Submissions will be judged at each stage of the process based on the creativity and quality of the writing. Judging criteria are as follows (four categories, weighted equally).

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Ubc creative writing admission requirements
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